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In this dynamic era marked by rapid change and challenges, the ability to pose the right questions and swiftly adapt is critical. We specialize in disruptive strategies, focusing on critical and often overlooked areas.

We are driven by a steadfast commitment to evidence-based research and comprehensive analysis, fuelled by a zeal to formulate bold, pertinent questions and to develop influential, viable solutions.

TEMPUS.MOTU provides strategic and creative advice, as well as education to help organizations and executives adapt their strategies to a fast-evolving world. Our scalable, long-term models are systematically designed to bridge key gaps, fostering strategic resilience and lasting impact.

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RETHNK.GROUP is, a strategic advisory firm, specializes in transforming business strategies and fostering innovation by deeply engaging with clients to understand their unique needs and aspirations. Our approach to strategy involves empowering professionals and executives to transform expertise into profitable partnerships, focusing on achieving concrete results and growth.

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RETHNK/TMW is a Center of Excellence for leadership and future education that aspires to be a supportive guide for communities, corporates, and policymakers. We focus on the vital need for reskilling, equipping leaders and professionals with essential tools and insights for navigating and positively impacting their dynamic environments. Committed to fostering meaningful progress, we understand and address the challenges of today's transformative era.

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ACT/ON PRODUCTIONS specializes in creating unforgettable experiences for live events, movies, and TV music. We offer bespoke orchestration and strategic event management, alongside creative direction, infusing each project with innovation and tailored guidance. Our team skilfully blends artistic creativity with precision, dedicated to realizing your vision with seamless execution and outstanding results.

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